Suzanne at age 8, Alyson and Matthew
(Photo by Eric Maristany)

By Myself

I stand by myself
Not lonely at all.
I listen to the little birds
Beckon and call.

I stand by myself
By the pond, with the fish
And now I don’t even
Have one little wish

Except to be by myself
Each and every day
And come down to the woods
Where the little deer play.

(Age 9)

The Wind Fairies

The wind fairies laugh and sing and dance
They come out every time they get a chance.
When the wind fairies come out they really have a ball
And they come at the Wind Queen’s each and every call.

(Age 9)

The Rain Sweeps…

THE RAIN SWEEPS across the windowpane
The muddy green trees blow with the wind
And a cloud of gloom settles everywhere.
But I don’t feel the gloom, oh, no
Only the drama of the rain.
And peace.


It is a secret
A secret, an unspoken
Vow between silent friends.
I can never speak of this again
And so, you will never know.


Pounding high
The white foam
Then silence
So sudden
It shocks me
And all it still…


Grey, white
Pounding, rising, pulling
Excitement, rhythm, fear, bravery


Peace is part of love
But love is not all peaceful
It can be quite fierce.

I Like…

I LIKE him a lot
As a matter of fact, yes,
I almost love him.
We are friends, yet something more
It can hardly be put into words.

Can My…

CAN MY words express
The way I feel about you
Gentle, soft, yet strong
Willing to fight for you and with you
Can it be called love?

I Look…

I LOOK outside
Darkness answers.
White snowflakes drift
Aimlessly, towards nowhere.
Rich white
Velvet black
Completes the night.

I Think Of My Dog…

As I lie on the grass in the rain
And I wish that he
Were alive again and here
My adorable, cute dog.

To Barry McLean

Do you know
What I’ve been through
Trying to reach
And get through to you?

I like you a lot
So let’s be friends
But let’s stop there
Before that ends.

If we get closer
Like we are now
You get sort of mean
I can’t really say how.

Not really mean
You just ignore
Me and my feelings
Not like before.

So let’s break up
(Going steady, I mean)
From Suzanne Vega
To Barry McLean.

(Late Spring 1971 – Age 11)

Written After A Triumphant Fight

I’m the baddest girl in the world
I’m as bad as Super Fly
and I don’t need coke to get me high.
I can beat you, Jack
and you better get back
when the Vega’s come around.
We’ll kick your ass, and make it last,
I got evil eye, and you sure gotta try
to put me on the ground.
I don’t play, hey, you know what I say
when I say it or pay.
I can stare you down,
make you crawl on the ground.
I’m action, no talk, when I say to you walk, I’m not the kind you can knock.
I use only my hands, no bottles for me
But I got plans, and you won’t go home free.
When I don’t smile, you know you’re in trouble
’cause I can get wild, I ain’t got no double.
I can make you cry, I can make you wanna die.
No one beat me yet, and they ain’t gonna get the chance.
I can take mine and the little folks at the same time.
I’m the baddest girl in the world.

(December, 1972 – Age 13)

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